• MAA WeBWork Hosting System

  • The MAA, with funding from NSF-DUE 0920341, offers hosting of WeBWorK courses for faculty in the mathematical sciences. MAA provides a fee-based hosting ($200 MAA Departmental Members; $300 Non-members) that could be renewed every seven months.Click here to find out more about the fee-based hosting plan.

    Our goal in providing this service includes the continued improvement of WeBWorK to make it easier to use and a more effective instructional tool. Thus, as a condition of hosting, you may be contacted to provide feedback on your experience.

    Important Note:

    If you are an MAA departmental member, please fill out this form. Once the form is submitted, please call the MAA Service Center at 1-800-331-1622 to make a payment.

    If you are applying for a WeBWorK course as an MAA non-departmental member, please note that you have to make a payment through PayPal.

    If you are requesting hosting for multiple courses, please fill out a separate form for each course.

  • Courses with Multiple Sections

    • If a course has multiple sections with different instructors, but all instructors give the same homework assignments due at the same time, you will be able to set up multiple sections in a single WeBWorK course.
    • If a course has multiple sections and the instructors will give different assignments and/or have them due at different times, then you will need multiple WeBWorK courses.
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