• Safe Energy Spaces

  • This is an anonymous survey. Safe Energy Spaces has created this survey so that we can better understand those who might want to use our services, such as Ask Watt. By sharing your information and answers in this survey we can create services that are designed to support you, addressing what you need and the way you want to access them. Please answer truthfully and clearly and encourage friends and colleagues in energy access to all partake in this survey. 

    All answers are anonymous so feel free to openly write whatever you want to. Our first initiatives have a focus on East Africa linguistically but shall be available to all, please do specify your country so that we can also understand where best our services are suited to.

  • What is the biggest challenge you face at work?

  • If you have felt uncomfortable please describe:

  • What questions would you like Ask Watt to answer (anonymously)?

  • Anything else you would like us to know about how you would like to be supported in the workspace/challenges you face due to your identity/issues in your workspace?