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  • Please Let Us Know Survey Questions For Your Feedback Page. Questions can be as NPS format, Yes/No, Multiple choice, Check-box and/or paragraph format.

  • What main directories do you wish us to direct your customers to leave their positive reviews only they have left on private page? You can have even only one main directory for re-direction such as Google if you wish.
    Suggested is Google & Facebook (and TripAdvisor for hospitality industries).
    We can connect any platform that has an open review section that is relevant to your business.
  • Optional: Would you like to give a special offer to customers after they have left you a positive review via private feedback page we will create. 

  • Please advise to which email address (es) the alerts should be copied to (specify up to 4 emails).  This will be for online/offline alerts as well as monthly reports. 

  • As default we use 4 - 5 Star as Positive ratings & 1 - 3 as negative. Please inform us if you wish to change this.
  • Negative Feedback (Optional) - Please verify what name, telephone number and email address to use, for designated person, which your clients should use to contact you to resolve any negative feedback if received via the private feedback page.

  • COMMUNICATION MEDIUM: Our clients prefer to communicate via WhatsApp group. Please confirm if you are happy for us to make a WhatsApp group between yourselves and us for ongoing correspondence. If yes kindly confirm name and mobile number of main person or let us know if you prefer email correspondence only.

  • FOR GOLD PACKAGE ONLY:-  BELOW ARE THE SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS WE CAN MARKET REVIEW IMAGES. PLEASE SPECIFY IF EXISITING OR IF YOU WISH US TO CREATE (For linkedin it can be via personal page only so we suggest you make yourself if needed as personal id would be needed)

  • After submitting this form, you will go to page 2 and on top section there will be alert of message that form has been submitted. If this doesnt appear please  email QA@sws-ltd.com or also in case of any amendments. Please do not reply to the default notification email.