• Regd No . 639                                                                      Regd.  Under U.P. Govt.
  • Raj English Study Point

  • Near life line hospital Hidayet Nagar Lakhimpur kheri

  • Admission Form
  • The department needs to ask for personal information from students, parents and guardians so it can plan, provide and report on its services

    Please take the time to read this as it outlines in greater detail the use and disclosure of the information that you provide.

  • What was the last school the student attended?

  • Proof of identity attached (e.g. birth certificate, Medicare card, health care card)

  • For senior secondary students only. Student’s contact details:

  • Medication required.
    1. Please supply details of any treatments, care or medication required.
    2. Relevant medical consent forms completed and attached.
    3. Immunisation certificate/record provided.

  • It is your responsibility to notify the school in writing of any changes to the information provided on this enrollment form.

    Name of parent/guardian/independent student enrolling the student and providing consents: