• VPA Ambassador Application

  • VPA is a close knit family and we are always looking to join with like minded individuals that are passionate about all things, health and fitness. From blog writers to video creators, if you are passionate about seeing the VPA  brand grow both in Australia and around the world, please fill in the form below. 

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    1. You LOVE VPA products + your values and culture align with ours. 
    2. Your social media must have a minimum of 10,000 real followers.
    3. You live an active and healthy lifestyle and demonstrate this.
    4. Your posts receive an engagement rate of at least 1.5% per post.
    5. You're comfortable providing both video and image user-generated content.
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  • Paid Engagements

  • For social media followings of greater than 50,000 legitimate followers (we use third party tools to assess whether followers are legitimate), please complete the expectation below.

  • Bodybuilding Representative

  • Please fill in the below (only if applicable). Unfortunately due to the sheer number of requests we are unable to assist in aspiring body building competitors. However in many ways we already assist by providing the highest quality and best value supps in Australia! 

  • Blog or Recipe Creator

  • We love any informative content that supports our lively thriving community in their fitness journey. For more specialised content creators, whether blog writing or recipe creation is your strong suit, tell us about yourself below.

  • Sporting Representative

  • VPA is proud to support some of Australia's elite sports people, including the QLD Reds Melbourne Demons and many more. Due to sheer volume, please note that we are unable to assist with amateur sporting persons that are yet to achieve placings or representation at a national level.