• Information about the Research chemical: 3-MMC

  • 3-Methylmethcathinone, also known as 3-MMC, This RC is a designer chemical from the family of substituted cathinone.

    The structure of 3-MMC is very close to the known illegal drug Mephedrone also known as 4MMC.

    In the first quater of 2022 the Dutch goverment also banned 3MMC and put it on the same list as Weed...

    Yeah i hear you...Yes weed you can buy on every conner and even in Coffeeshops that are taxed by the Government 

  • Is there a 3MMC subsitute available?

  • You can still buy the legal 3CMC, Its structure differs Where 3MMC is a white crystal, 3CMC is more like clear glass. 

    This glassy structure makes it almost impossible to snort. 

  • Ok..BUT does 3-CMC gets my dingeling tingeling?

  • For the people that are not familiar with 3-MMC that heading sounds "strange" 

    Research Chemical 3-MMC increases your libido.

    Where illegal drugs like XTC or MDMA give you the feeling of love. The feeling that 3-MMC gives is SEX 

    For the complete list check out the 3MMC wikipedia page. 


    The Research Chemical 3-CMC wich structure is similar to 3-MMC. The feeling (so i've heard) differs. As i am not allowed to recommend 3-CMC or offer 3-CMC capsules. I cannot give you a clear answer.

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