• The Tryall Fund Scholarship Application 2022/2023

  • Tryall Fund Scholarships are awarded annually to qualified students attending High School, Sixth Form, Community College, University, and Graduate School in Jamaica.  A GPA of 3.0 (B average) is required for consideration.

    • Submit your applications only when fully completed but no later than June 15, 2022.
    • The application requires your grades from the current school year (Fall 2021 and Spring 2022)  to be considered complete.
  • The following information is needed to submit a completed application:

    • Written essay
    • Sponsor email, phone number and position at Tryall
    • Transcripts for the 2021-2022 year
    • Family information  
    • A photo of yourself that can be used on our website 
  • A note on saving your work:

    • You can only save completed pages by clicking the 'Fill Later' button
    • A link to your saved application will be emailed to you to complete.  You must use this link.  Do not start a new application. 

    If you have questions, please contact:  [email protected] 

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  • Essay Instructions

  • Your essay will help us get to know you and differentiate you from other candidates. It should be between 250 - 500 words.  Pay attention to your spelling, punctuation, capitalization, tense usage and proper paragraphing.  This will impact how your essay is graded.

    Your essay will need to be uploaded as a separate document in order to complete your application.

    Remember that a good essay includes:

    • An introductory paragraph that sparks the reader’s interest and leads the way into your subject matter
    • Additional paragraphs that expand and explain your topic (make it credible and logical)
    • A concluding paragraph which ties the loose ends together and shows the reader the significance of what you have written
    • PROOFREAD your work 
  • Essay Topic

  • Choose ONE topic for your essay. 

    1. These unusual times during the Covid -19 pandemic have forced us to break out of our normal routines, especially as it relates to education and socializing. What new skills and techniques have you implemented during this time, and how did you use them to your advantage while learning remotely.

    2. What makes you special/unique/different? It could be a facet of your personality, a hobby, a talent, a meaningful experience.

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  • Personal Information 

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  • Tryall Sponsor Information

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  • Academic Information

  • School you are applying to:

  • Current school:

  • In this section provide your GPA or letter grades by semester.  At the end of the application you will upload your transcripts from:

    1. September - December 2021
    2. January - May/June 2022 
    3. Summer 2021 (if applicable)


    Digital copies or photos of your transcripts can be submitted.   Make sure all transcripts clearly show your name and semester attended. 

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  • Additional Information

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  • Checklist of required uploads