• Application To Register A Company

  • You may use this form to register a private or public company.

  • Company Details

  • To check if a company name is available, use our WEbCheck service and select the 'Company Name Availibility Search' Option:


  • Company Name Restrictions

  • Please tick the box if the proposed company name contains sensitive or redistricted words or expressions.

  • Company Type

  • Please tick the box that describes the proposed company type and members' liability. Tick only one box.

  • Situation of a Registered Office

  • Please tick the box below that describes the situation of a proposed registered office

  • Registered Office Address

  • Please give the registered office address of your company.

  • Article of Association

  • Please choose the correct option.

  • Proposed Officers

  • For private company the appointment of secretary is optional but if you decide to appoint company secretary, you must provide relevant details.

    Private company should appoint one director. Public company should appoint two directors, one of must be an individual.

  • Secretary Appointments

  • Please use this section to list all the secretary appointments taken on formation

  • Corporate Secretary Appointments

  • Please use this section to list all the corporate secretary appointments taken on formation.

  • EEA Companies

  • Give details of the register where the company file is kept and the registration number in that register.

  • Non-EEA Companies

  • Please give the details of legal body or firm and the law by which it is goverened. If applicable, please give the details of register in which it is entered (including the state or registration number in that register).

  • Director Appointments

  • You can add Paragraph/ Image/ Video IFrame here.

  • Dierectors Service Address

  • You can add Paragraph/ Image/ Video IFrame here.

  • Statement of Capital

  • Please give information about your shares and capital.

  • Initial share holdings

  • This section should completed by companies incorporating with share capital. Please complete the details.
    The address will appear on the public record. These do not need to be subscriber usual residential address.

  • Statement of Guarantee

  • I confirm that if the company is wound up while I am a member or within 1 year I cease to be a member, I will contribute to the assets of the company required for:
    Payments of debts.
    Payment of costs, charges, expenses.

  • Statement of compliance delivered by the agent.

  • Please complete this section if the application is not delivered byan agent.

  • Presenter Information

  • The contact information you give will be visible to the searchers of the public record.